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Gregoire Boonzaier

January 19, 2016


Revisiting a South African Master,

Gregoire Boonzaier,

with a celebratory exhibition of over 70 works including pastels,
watercolour and lino-cuts on display at Alice Art Gallery Ruimsig

Gregoire Johannes Boonzaier (31 July 1909 – 22 April 2005) is not only remembered for his art but also for his very active role and contributions to the fine arts of South Africa.

  Gregoire Boonzaier Landscape at Alice Art Gallery       Gregoire Boonzaier Sunflowers at Alice Art Gallery       Gregoire Boonzaier Linocut at Alice Art Gallery     

It is almost impossible to mention Boonzaier and not immediately associate him with depictions of district six.  Other themes include landscapes, portraits and still life.  During the 1930’s Boonzaier’s work was fresh and progressive.  His paintings found a very receptive market.  He was a prolific painter and this lead to a very recognisable and distinctive style.

His work often offered comments to the viewer on social awareness.  He was also one of the first artists to portray a squatter camp in his work.

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Oil Painting

Makiwa Mutomba

August 19, 2014

My latest favourite artist – All of his work is created exclusively with a palette knife demonstrating remarkable artistic ability. He loves to exaggerate forms in a playful manner of bold strokes and cheerful colour which translates into beautiful and happy paintings. I am in awe of this artist’s amazing work.